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         Dictionary is needed while learning a new language.It 's very useful on holidays to foreign countries. Or while reading a book, newspaper, magazine... etc in foreign language, dictionary is needed sometimes. It is very difficult to find a word in classic dictionaries that are made of papers. Computers and internet have many digital dictionaries. They are fast and useful, but if you can reach them. You can't take your desktop computer everywhere with you. On the other hand your mobile device is always with you. It is small,smart and practical. With "mobidic" you can reach your dictionary everytime you need it.

         Mobidic is a mobile dictionary.It is written for handheld devices (like mobile phones,PDAs). It is a J2ME application(midlet) that translates words from one language to another. You get the "meaning" of word in destination language.

        Mobidic will be improved rapidly. I mean its features, functionality, dictionaries.... etc. So if you want to keep yourself up-to-date with new improvements, please watch "News and Events" section.

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